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Music.  Music is what flows through me.  It is what fuels me every day.  The beat is the heart beat of my machinery.  The strings are what makes my body move.  The electronics are my mind taking in everything as I learn and grow.  The lyrics are my story, my experiences.  My voice is my soul as it makes its journey through this existence.  It soars in times of happiness and flutters in times of sorrow.  All of these combined are who I am as I take my place in the universes great symphony. 


They say everyone has a story, and I am no different.  My journey has been filled with both joy, sorrow, and conflict.  Breaking through the Crystal Ceiling has given me much but it has also taken a lot from me.  It has both hardened me and freed me.  Every advance I made toward my goal the harder I had to fight.  I learned that nothing...NOTHING comes without a cost, but perhaps more importantly, my story has forged me into who I am.   I am me.  I am Bella D.

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